Drying Tumblers



The Pro-Series™ II commercial dryers are designed with quality internal components, easy-to-use controls and a multitude of features that dramatically increase laundry production and energy-efficiency. Properly balanced airflow, heat input and basket volume allows maximum production when matched with Continental Washer-Extractors.

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Want a Closer Look?

Click on the links below to view individual Pro-Series II Commercial Dryer models and their specifications.

  • CG20-30 – up to 30-pound capacity drying tumbler
  • CG30-40 – up to 40-pound capacity drying tumbler
  • CG55-65 – up to 65-pound capacity drying tumbler
  • CG50-60 – up to 60-pound capacity drying tumbler
  • CG75-85 – up to 85-pound capacity drying tumbler
  • CG115-25 – up to 125-pound capacity drying tumbler
  • CG165-75 – up to 175-pound capacity drying tumbler
  • Stack60 – 30-pound capacity dual pocket drying tumbler
  • SuperStack90 – 45-pound capacity dual pocket drying tumbler


Equipped with an oversized door, dryer window and cylinder light, E-Series commercial dryers are not only easy to use, they are incredibly efficient! With up to 25-pounds of capacity and gas or electric heat, E-Series commercial dryers are the right choice for any on-premise laundry with small load requirements. Loaded with industrial-grade features that ensure durability and simplify maintenance, E-Series commercial dryers are built to last.

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Econ-o-Dry DryersEconodry-Front-OPL

A perfect match to Econ-O-Wash topload washers, Econ-O-Dry commercial dryers–in singleload or stacked doubleload capacity–are not only easy to use, they dry laundry incredibly fast!

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